Loyalty Academy, established in 2060 B.S. one of the full-fledged English medium co-educational residential institution which is most desired and appreciated ins tuition in the valley. Located at a very convenient area in Mandikhatar, Ektabasti, Kathmandu. It has a strong commitment provide quality education. The teaching faculties here include a galaxy of distinguished, devoted and skilled academicians. It is equipped with all infra-structural facilities: labs, spacious rooms, peaceful and friendly atmosphere.It emphasizes the importance for students to gain the knowledge and experience they need to successfully manage their career and pursue their higher education enthusiastically.

The Loyalty Academy (L.A.) is situated at Ekatabasti, Mandikhatar, Budhanilkantha-11, Kathmandu, Nepal; in a clam and peaceful surrounding; an ideal area, away from the maddening crowd but nearer to the city centres. The school was established in 2003 AD (2060 B.S.), on the basis of 4 Cornerstones or 4 'C' s - namely Compassion, Conscientious, Competence and Commitment; founded by Mr. Bijay Sambahamphe; who dedicated his whole life to cause of upliftment of education in Nepal with understanding the modern quality education is the sole of consistent of healthy society.

The school is a Co-educational exclusively English medium and open for all community, caste and creed. It is well equipped with state of Art facilities, experienced and qualified and dedicated teachers with latest global pedagogy; Committed to nurture every child to become an inspired leader, a well-rounded individual and contributing member of global community by striving for excellence within an environment that fosters innovation, respects, engagement and intellectual inquiry.


We believe, all individuals have inherent value, everyone can be a successful leader; effective education enhances the quality of life and effective is a partnership among school famliy and broader community, which can certainly prepare our students to cope up the challenges of life of 21st century. And indeed, we achieve both the excellent Board results and outstanding performance in games and sports which inspire us to scale higher and higher heights. 


We, at Loyalty Academy are striving towards excellence. We aspire that our students emerge excellent not just in academics and intellectual awareness but also physically agile, morally upright, aesthetically appreciative and spiritually enlightened. We look forward to an educational system that will help to enhance the child's cognitive growth, his analytical problem solving and decision making skills and thus prepare the children to face the challenges of life of 21st century.


Our mission is to enable students to attain their academic potential in a congenial atmosphere provided by the school, making them intellectually competent to use their knowledge and qualification at highest level in career prospective. We believe in enriching our students with best education and therefore, we encourage students to develop and maintain a balanced proportion in each discilpine. The school is established for a center of learning to improve total education (teaching training and research services) in different fields.

Our Philosophy

The motto of Loyalty Academy is “Achievement Through Education".

Loyalty Academy is progressive, secular, child centred, co-educational private school, committed to providing quality education for all their students. The philosophy rests on the interpretation of ‘education’ as drawing forth – drawing forth what already exists. The Loyalty Academy impart education that results in well-formed minds and the impetus and environment to think.

The cornerstone of the philosophy of the school is the belief in each and every child, manifested in a school calendar encompassing the academic and the co-curricular offering opportunities for fostering diverse interests.

Inclusive Education is a pairing of philosophy and pedagogy with the aim of ensuring that no child, however different from expectations and general norms, feels alienated and inadequate. Each child must feel confident of himself or herself and his or her abilities and capacities as well as respected and wanted for what he or she is and therefore safe and secure. With this comes learning and developing, taking into account differences in strengths and shortcomings.
Children of Loyalty Academy are sensitised to accept and respect differences. This gives all children a chance to grow as individuals and to realise their own potential and to reach their goals.

Our History
Old School Building.
Old School Building.

Old School Building.
Old School Building.