Sports has always been an essential part of loyalty academy. LA offers opporunities for a vast range of sports in its own premises. All the sports are supported of excellent coaches, many of them have represented the nation.

Some of the sports on offers are:

  1. Football               6. Handball

  2. Basketball           7. Judo

  3. Table Tennis       8. Taekwondo

  4. Badminton         9. Athletics and many more...

  5. Volleyball

Sports Week 2073.
Sports Week 2073.

Sports Week 2073.
Sports Week 2073.



Learning at Loyalty Academy continues beyond the four walls of the classroom, our week without walls, student literary club and society, educational excursion to the various part of the nation, adventure training and expeditions in the country, Art and music tour th name a few. These activities integrate academics, student leadership, service, Art and culture, athletics, student clubs and social activites.