We at Loyalty Academy are fully geared to meet new challenges, rising aspiration and higher expectation of all the stakeholders. Our unending efforts combined with your cooperation have always put us at enviable position in the past. With our dedicated team, well planned curriculum, variety of educational resources including latest technological American Intel Computer Education System, we are set to scale greater height in the field of school education, in keeping with our mission of providing excellent holistic education to our students at par with the best in the nation. 

    Change is the only constant: Nature  demands it and at Loyalty Academy a committed set of Staff and Administrators keep up with the changing needs of young people today, to create citizens who are future- ready. We endeavor to give to our children the best of both worlds – advanced technology and progress of the west and the spirituality and traditions of the east. We want our children to grow up to be responsible, bright, happy and self-reliant human beings.

      Serving the children of the country through value based education is serving the nation in the truest sense of the word.Together we can and we will!


          Looking forward to meeting you in this endeavor for our guest for excellence in education.

Mr. Yogesh Chandra Vikram Sambahamphe